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Your Identity is key to how you live your life.

However, you have almost no control over your identity, how it is used, stored and accessed. In addition, dependant on the services that you need to access, you will have a large number of distinct, stored Identities that are used by organisations to manage your access to online services such as banking, shopping and line-of-business applications.
As it stands, it is impossible to have any level of control across these identities – meaning that you need to manage numerous passwords and contact a large number of separate organisations in relation to your specific Identity.


Enter ‘Decentralised Identities’

Microsoft are leading the way in working with numerous other organisations to simplify this situation and give Control of your Identity back to YOU through the Decentralised Identity Foundation 
The outcome will be an open-source based Identity system where you own your Identity and can control how and when it is used. Imagine, this scenario covering your work applications, your online banking and your shopping – one Identity – with you in control.
Modern distributed data technologies such as Blockchain can ensure that no single entity can control your Identity, giving you back the control that has always been missing.
Take a look at the exciting Video below to find out more about decentralised identities and Microsoft’s advances in this area…


Organisations working on the project

For more information and to stay up to date, visit Microsoft’s Control Your Identity website at:



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