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Microsoft have announced a number of improvements to the AutroPilot zero-touch cloud device deployment capabilities that were released recently. At Transparity, we view this capability to be ground-breaking in helping to ensure that move to cloud managed, truly-mobile devices can be made successfully.The following capabilities and features are available today with the latest version of Windows 10:

  • Enrollment Status Page – Having the ability to manage the deployment experience in order that all software, applications and policies are deployed to the users’ device prior to them logging on is an important improvement to the AutoPilot procedure, and is delivered with the latest updates. Administrators are able to view the status of the device builds during this phase via the Enrollment Status Page in Intune.
  • Device Vendor Supply Chain Integration – You are able to order the latest Windows 10 devices, complete with the AutoPilot procedures enabled, thus making the the registration of Windows Autopilot devices completely hands-free and zero-touch. The number of hardware vendoes supporting this integration is increasing, contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Automatic Windows Autopilot Profile Assignment – Azure Active Directory (AD) dynamic groups with can be associated with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune profiles to deliver a zero-touch experience Autopilot profile assignments across all Windows Autopilot devices. This makes the management and configuration simple and standardised

In addition, Microsoft have also announced an additional couple of features that are currently being previewed for rollout to the AutoPilot solution. These further enhance the capabilties and deliver on some of the extended requests being asked for by the community…

  • Self-Deploying Mode – Currently, the Windows Autopilot experience requires the user to select basic settings like Region, Language, and Keyboard, and also enter their credentials, in the Windows 10 out-of-the-box experience. With the new Windows Autopilot capability called “Self-Deploying mode,” Microsoft are extending the zero-touch experience from IT to the user deploying the device. Powerering the device on is all it takes to deploy a new Windows 10 device into a fully business-ready state—managed, secured, and ready for usage—no need for any user interaction. You can configure the device to self-deploy into a locked down kiosk, a digital signage, or a shared productivity device—all it takes is a power on (assuming the user has an Internet connection and TPM2)
  • Windows Autopilot Reset – This feature extends the zero-touch experience from deployment of new Windows 10 devices to reset scenarios where a device is being repurposed for a new user. Microsoft are making it possible to completely reset and redeploy an Intune-managed Windows 10 device into a fully business-ready state without having to physically access the device. All you need to do is click a button in Intune and the device can be reset remotely.

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