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Microsoft have announced a redesigned web experience for OFFICE.COM, an easy-to-remember URL to help you sign in to Office 365 and get to all your apps, documents, sites, and people. The Office 365 App Launcher has also been redesigned to help you open and switch between your web apps easier. In addition, Microsoft are launching the Office 365 Gallery to provide Office 365 users with personalised information about the apps, tools, and services already in their subscription.

Details are demonstrated in the Video below:

Get started faster with is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Office 365—by getting to your favourite app quickly, opening your Office documents, starting a new project, or seeing the activity across your shared files. We are also improving the search experience to allow you to find Office 365 documents, apps, people, and sites directly from

Screenshot of the home page of

Office 365 app launcher

Updates to the Office 365 App Launcher make opening and switching between your web apps easier than ever by highlighting the most used apps in Office 365. The simplified design provides smarter defaults that are relevant to the type of work you do and allows you to access recent online Office documents from anywhere in Office 365.

Screenshot of the new app launcher in

Explore your apps

You can now explore and learn about the full range of applications you already have access to with the new Office 365 gallery. Based on your subscription and usage patterns, the gallery provides suggestions on the right app to use for what you are trying to accomplish. You’ll see descriptions, resources, and quick access to install desktop or mobile versions. Click Explore all your apps from or the Office 365 app launcher to access the gallery.

Image of the new Office 365 gallery, where you can explore apps.


Office 365 customers will see these changes roll out soon.


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